The Internet Problems

According to the 2012 Cybercrime Report published by Norton, cyber crime is a $110 billion per year problem and increasing. The report concluded that for the battle against cyber crime "strong email password is still key". Please see Symantec's full report.

In addition, viruses constantly cause system damages and SPAM inundate user's email box everyday. As a result, the perception of legitimate email promotion is damaged.

niceRaker's patented technologies offer perfect solutions to these problems.

niceSigTM - Utilize Private/Public Key Pair Efficiently.
niceNobodyTM - Tracking the real name of Internet account holder easily while sustaining privacy.
niceLogonTM - No more problems of account password stealing; not only verify account holder, but also verify server.
niceMail - Eliminate SPAM, e-mail viruses, and other illegal e-mails.
ESCOETM - Server can authenticate client that has no account with server; clients having accounts with different servers in different application systems can authenticate and communicate with each other.
niceCloudTM - Service providers may share resources to provide broader services in an open application environment; sustain privacy and ownership of cloud info.
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