niceRaker® has many innovative technologies that are used to develop many niceXXX products.

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ESCOE™ - The core technology.

A Variety of Innovative Technologies

niceDevLib™ - Platform of software development automation.

niceManagement™ - Platform of remote business management.



Since the last 90s Internet got popular, problems increase, none has been solved so far.


ESCOE™ solves almost all long-standing Internet problems.

ESCOE™ stands for "Electronic System of Communication in Open Environment".

ESCOE automatically authenticates all servers and clients on the network.

Once criminals cannot hide their identities, the deterrent effect could eliminate crimes.

The authenticated person can be 100% anonymous; please see niceNobody for more information.


Applications of ESCOE™ will -

* Replace some industry standards.

For example, niceMail® solves the problems caused by SMTP, which has been the global e-mail standard for decades.

* Improve some common practices in the industry.

For example, nicePass™ kills password to eliminate all related problems.

* Extend scope of some existing applications.

For example, niceChat™ lets social apps to communicate across platforms, including Skype, Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, etc.

All aimed at cybersecurity or privacy.


ESCOE™ will disrupt many existing markets

and create many new markets.

ESCOE™ covers all Internet applications using accounts.


ESCOE™ holds patents in the United States, China, the European Union;

and global copyright of ESCOE communication protocol.


 A Variety of Innovative Technologies

niceAntiRE provides anti-reverse engineering of software.

Before compiling source code to release a software, niceAntiRE converts readable code to unreadable code in random characters.


niceAuthen lets the client or the server authenticate a server to avoid connecting to fake servers.

It lets the server to authenticate the client even if the client has no account on the server.


niceChain achieves the goal of decentralization, corrects the wrong approach of  blockchain that consumes too much time and electricity unnecessarily.


niceDatabase is the standard database attached to each niceRaker® software, users do not need to pay, download, or configure any third-party database software; the intuitive graphical user interface replaces the cumbersome text instructions commonly used in the industry, such as schemas, SQL commands, etc.

It protects confidential data with random encryption, which is almost impossible to decrypt even if the entire database is stolen.


niceDoR is an electronic message transfer mechanism. DoR stands for 'delivery on request'.

The sending server detains the outgoing messages and waits for the intended recipients to request the messages. The sending server can authenticate the message requesters even if the requesters have on account on the sending server.

niceDoR effectively eliminates junk or malicious messages.


niceEncrypt lets sender automatically obtain the changeable authentication information of the recipient, encrypt the data with different algorithms, and transmit the encrypted data that only the recipient can decrypt.


niceEsign is an electronic signature mechanism in niceRaker® proprietary format.

It lets the recipient automatically obtain the signer's authentication information to authenticate the signer and verify the signed content.


niceExpand expands Internet applications from closed to open environment.

For example, niceChat enables all social apps to communicate across platforms including Skype, Whatsapp, LINE WeChat, etc.


niceHashSalt is a niceRaker proprietary algorithm that converts ordinary data into a randomly salted irreversible hash value.


niceInvisible embeds information in standard graphics, the information is typically used for authentication or electronic signatures.

Scanning, photographing, faxing, etc. cannot preserve the embedded information.


niceLang quickly exports product packages from English to a new language within hours to days.

A product package includes software, product website, product introduction and tutorials with voice descriptions, etc.


niceMultimedia combines text, images, music, synthesized or recorded voice, subtitles synchronized with synthesized voice, quickly and easily creates multimedia documents; it can be used for professional presentations, classroom teaching, training courses, etc.


nicePrivacy lets account holder 100% anonymous to the account administrator; if the account is suspected of breaking the law or committing a crime, government agencies can easily track down the real information of the anonymous account holder in accordance with legal procedures.


niceQA provides functions for debugging and diagnostic testing.

It is very useful for thorough testing before releasing products, and to ensure that no new bugs are created when upgrading products.


niceSafe protects data that only authorized personnel can access. Hackers cannot, nor the system administrator.

niceSafe server can authenticate outsiders who have no account on the server.


To address concerns about software backdoors, niceRaker® may provide software source code to one representative national government agency.

niceSourceCode is to help government inspectors understand the software structure and be able to easily trace the source code.


niceVideo uses a descriptive language to replace tedious manual efforts for automatic generation of 3D models and motion animations, greatly improves efficiency.


niceWord is a text string for generating authentication info, which can be mixed with different languages; the same niceWord™ can generate completely different authentication info.

You only need to use one niceWord™ that you will never forget to cover all cyber applications,

no need to change in your life.

Even if niceWord™ is known to others, it can't be used to duplicate the same authentication info, there is no need to worry about your accounts being operated by impostors.

Sounds unbelievable? You can use nicePass™ to verify these unique features.



Platform of software development automation


niceDevLib™ integrates tens of niceRaker® proprietary software and third-party software.

It improves efficiency of software development by 34 times.

For a project that takes 100 days in the industry, niceRaker® can complete it in 3 days.

For example, a single click can convert Windows software coding to mobile app coding 95% to 100% in tens of seconds.

niceDevLib™ lets every user organize frequently used software, URLs and folders for easy and quick access.

It is equivalent to functions of favorites, shortcuts and desktop icons.

It can organize hundreds of items while keeping the screen clean.



Platform of remote business management


niceManagement highly integrates niceRaker® operations of 6 branches, 22 divisions, 155 departments and 299 groups.

It is highly computerized and cyberised with very high cybersecurity.

It provides very strict info control, only authorized personnel can access authorized info.

It allows employees the option to work from home;

provides efficient remote communication between colleagues, contractors and clients;

all correspondents are authenticated and all communication messages have electronic signatures.

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