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Who can request niceXXX™?

Steps of delivering niceXXX

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List of open niceXXX 230414

Most open niceXXX™ are 75% to 90% complete and can be accomplished quickly with niceDevLib™.

Delivery priority is based on degree of demand and "first request, first served".

niceXXX™ is subject to US export regulations.

Project Name

Main Target Users (& Their Client Account Holders)

Government Company Bank*1 School Non-profit charity organization*2 Product maker*3 Service provider*4 niceRaker® competitor*5  
01 niceBrand           1      
02 niceChat             1    
03 niceClass       1          
04 niceCloud 1 1   1 1   1    
05 niceCode 1 1 1 1 1        
06 niceConfidential 1 1 1            
07 niceCreditCard     1       1    
08 niceDiploma       1          
09 niceEmail 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  
10 niceFintech     1       1    
11 niceForum 1 1   1 1        
12 niceLibrary       1          
13 niceLicense   1       1      
14 niceLoan     1            
15 niceMedicord   1              
16 niceNobody 1   1       1    
17 niceNoMeeting   1              
18 niceNonstop   1              
19 nicePass 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    
20 nicePay     1       1    
21 nicePresentation 1 1   1 1        
22 niceRating   1   1     1    
23 niceRemit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    
24 niceTracking 1 1              
25 niceUnion             1    
26 niceWFH   1              
27 SpamAccountKiller                  


10 15 10 11 7 5 11 1  

*1 Bank can be a company that specializes in providing financial services to the public.

*2 Non-profit charity organization is registered to engage in public welfare.

*3 Product maker can be a company that specializes in production and sale of products.

*4 Service provider can be a company that specializes in providing information services to the public.

*5 niceRaker® competitor can be a company that has a direct business conflict with niceRaker®.

All of the above can request any open niceXXX™ as a company.

Brief Description of Open niceXXX


Who Can Request niceXXX™?


* Decision makers in government agencies, companies, banks, schools, etc. for using niceXXX™ products.

* Congressmen who are considering proposals to the government to use niceXXX™ products.

* Product manufacturers or service providers considering collaboration with niceRaker® for business development.

* niceRaker® competitors that are affected in business and interested in joining niceRaker® to share profits.

* Other entities not limited to "To Be Used By" in the list of open niceXXX™.


Steps of Delivering niceXXX


1. If not published on the niceRaker® website, the requester can ask for a niceXXX™ document.

2. The requester checks the niceXXX™ document to determine if it is the desired product; if yes, then can request the niceXXX™ product.

Suggestions for other product features are welcome.

3. niceRaker® provides a prototype (English version) of the requested niceXXX™ product for initial evaluation by the requester.

4. niceRaker® provides a package of the requested niceXXX™ product (English version), which includes software, product introduction & tutorial in the nicePresentation™ or mp4 format, and web site.

For any niceXXX™ that is used by the national government, niceSourceCode™ will be provided to one representative national government agency.


Request a Product Package in Local Language of niceXXX™

If a local language version of the niceXXX™ product package is needed but not available yet -

1. niceRaker® will provide one file containing English text.

2. The requester can translate English text into the local language and give niceRaker® the translation.

3. niceRaker® will provide the local language version of the niceXXX™ product package.

Please note that niceRaker® will only provide non-English versions of the client software and related document, and the server software is only available in English.


Communication With niceRaker®

* Please communicate with niceRaker® in English or Chinese only.

* For efficiency, it is strongly suggested that the requester uses nicePresentation™ to communicate with niceRaker®.

FreeCoupon™ for using nicePresentation™ can be provided to the requester.


Request document of an open niceXXX


The requester can cancel any project at any time without any obligation,

regardless whether the project is free or not.

Click here to request the document of an open niceXXX™.

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