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identity authentication & data privacy

Innovative Capabilities

  • Anyone can authenticate any others automatically.
  • Any server can authenticate any client without setting up an account.

Generic for all Internet applications.

One client software covers authentication for all Internet applications.

Internet evolution : communication from close to open environment.

Some Applications of niceSig


Extending Internet communication from the close environment in the current industry to an open environment.

Applicable to any Internet application that has user accounts.

  • Opening a new account with government online services and authenticating the identity of the account holder is just a few clicks on the applicant's screen of computer or mobile phone without on-site examining ID document.

  • When necessary, national security agency may easily track down the real name, even address and telephone number, of the criminals that spread rumors, make slanders, or incite riots.

  • When necessary, national security agency may easily track down Internet account holder’s real info including real name.

  • Make SPAM, e-mail viruses and illegal e-mails extinct.

  • Simply click a 'Seal' button to protect e-mail privacy so that only the targeted recipients can read the content of e-mail.


  • Cloud service providers may authenticate identities of account holders of other cloud service providers. Provide services to the visitors without setting up accounts to extend the scope of service targets. And account holders of a cloud service provider may get services from other cloud service providers to extend the scope of services.


  • Assure info on the Internet of things.
  • Without security mechanism, fake info could flow on the Internet of things sooner or later.
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