niceRaker® has many innovative technologies, some of which are as follows -

  * ESCOE™ technology solves most of today's Internet problems.  
  * niceAutomation platform greatly improves efficiency of software development.  
  * niceLang platform can quickly derive a product package for a new language from English.  

* niceCoupon system has anti-forgery mechanism for product promotion, adapt to company's budget process, ensure benefits of niceRaker® agents.

  * niceCode system makes up for the lack of security mechanism in QR code.  
  * niceChain system solves the blockchain problems while maintaining privacy and decentralized data.  
  * niceChat™ system allows social apps to communicate across platforms.  
  * niceVideo platform replaces tedious manual work by automatically generating 3D models and motion animations.  


Since the last 90s Internet got popular, problems increase, none has been solved so far.


ESCOE™ stands for "Electronic System of Communication in Open Environment".

ESCOE automatically authenticates all servers and clients on the network.

Once criminals cannot hide their identities, the deterrent effect could eliminate crimes.

The authenticated person can be 100% anonymous; please see niceNobody for more information.

ESCOE™ covers all Internet applications using accounts.

ESCOE™ has patents in the United States, China and the European Union.



niceDevLib™ is a software development platform for niceRaker® internal applications.

It integrates dozens of automation platforms that have been developed for many years.

It improves efficiency of software development by 28 times.

For a project that takes 100 days in the industry, niceRaker® can complete it in less than four days.


niceRaker® products are originally developed in English.

niceLang is used to quickly derive a product package for a new language within hours to days.


A product package includes -

  * software  
  * product introduction and tutorial of movie-type.  

* product web sites including HowTo, niceHints; etc.



niceCoupon™ is a unique anti-forgery mechanism for providing coupons to -

  * promote products.  
  * adapt to company's budget process.  
  * precisely calculate the revenue that agents may share.  

* control the use of products.



RecommendCoupon™ is for product users to make recommend to friends and get rewards.

It can be customized by inserting the recommender's portrait or any image.

The recommender may enter his name on RecommendCoupon™ for identification by friends.


FreeCoupon™ is to facilitate product evaluators to check the complete product features.

Technical writers in related fields, decision makers for using products in the government, companies, schools, etc. can request FreeCoupon.


GroupCoupon™ is for the government, companies, schools to distribute to their account users.

It adapts to companies' budget process, or used for authentication of account holders of government, schools, etc.

It can be customized by inserting the distributor's logo or any image, and the name of distributor.


DiscountCoupon™ is for niceRaker® agents to distribute to the public for product promotion.

It is used to accurately calculate the revenue that each agent should share even if agents cover overlapping market areas.

It can be customized by inserting the distributor's logo or any image, and the name of distributor.


niceCode™ was developed to make up for the lack of security mechanism in QR code -

  * eliminate fake connections to fake servers.  
  * avoid phishing through fake servers.  
  * avoid being implanted with viruses by fake servers.  


niceChain™ was developed to fix problems of blockchain.


Blockchain has the most absurd data verification mechanism, which is extremely inefficient and consumes too much power.

For many years, no many people had paid attention to blockchain until criminals used the anonymous bitcoin to launder money, and the black market price of bitcoin soared to sky-high.

Recently, blockchain-based bitcoin has become a blackmail tool. The public watched anonymous criminals taking a ransom and walked away.

  niceChain™ sustains two major characteristics of blockchain -  

* Privacy - For some applications, such as government online services, bank accounts, etc., the account holder cannot be anonymous; for some other applications, anonymity is the privacy of the account holder.

niceChain™ allows account holders to be 100% anonymous to account administrators, but government authorities can follow regulatory procedures to track the true information of account holders including name, phone number, mailing address, etc.

* Decentralization - niceChain™ can maintain the data shared between members in a chain, without the need for a centralized server, thereby protecting privacy. It does not use nested long chains to avoid low efficiency and power consumption.




niceChat allows social apps to communicate across platforms such as skype, whatsapp, LINE, wechat, etc.


* Each social app can have its own user interface style, no need to change.

* Account administrators can choose to use niceChain™ for decentralization; communication data is maintained by communication members instead of account administrators, thereby reducing the administrators’ server burden and protecting users' privacy.

* Break the market dominated by big players and let small players build their own market.

* Avoid big players from gathering too many users.

* Contribute to global sharing of different cultures.



Cross-platform communication?

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niceVideo™ uses descriptive language instead of manual operations to automatically generate 3D models and animations with very high efficiency.


It will be used to produce a huge number of 3D animations to provide advertising services.

niceRaker® intends to use niceVideo™ to push advertising from keyword search, banners, etc. to a new level.


niceVideo™ arranges animation skeletons according to video clips to build an action frame library for reuse in descriptive language.


niceVideo™ uses descriptive language to generate 3D models and motion animations.

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