niceRaker® was founded to pursue the next mega trend of the Internet

based on innovative technologies with internationally granted patents.

The solution was designed to co-exist with today's Internet ecosystem

with zero interruption and total transparency in many cases.

niceXXX™ cyber systems open to public


There are currently 23 cyber systems open to





non-profit charitable organizations,

product developers,

service providers,



for resolving long-existing Internet problems

or opening up new markets.

niceRaker® is looking for agents in different countries

to help niceRaker® promote business.


The ideal agents would be -

* Passionate about participating in global Internet innovation.

* Able to communicate fluently with niceRaker® in English or Chinese.

* Excellent writing skills for translating English into the native language.

* Have experience in operating Internet business.

* Nice relation with the domestic government is preferred.


If you are interested in niceRaker niceAgent™ program,

please leave your contact information,

niceRaker will provide a document

about niceAgent™ responsibilities and benefits

for your evaluation.

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