nicePass™ kills account passwords to eliminate all related problems.

It is the only known product that makes password phishing ineffective.

nicePass™ can disable the exiting fake accounts immediately and prevent new fake account from being generated.

nicePass™ server software is free for governments, schools, etc., conditionally free for companies, banks, etc.

nicePass™ client software is free for all account holders.

  * nicePass eliminates fake accounts?  
  * nicePass provides generic authentication mechanism  



Eliminate Fake Accounts



nicePass™ can disable the existing fake accounts immediately and prevent new fake accounts from being generated.

Please click here to know how nicePass eliminates fake accounts.


Generic Authentication Mechanism


nicePass™ maintains one generic authentication information (called niceAuthen™) of user for all niceXXX™ applications.

Every niceXXX client software must use niceAuthen™ maintained by nicePass™.

The function of nicePass™ niceAuthen™ is free for everyone.

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