niceNobody balances privacy and cybersecurity.


Every netizen has the right to use Internet accounts anonymously to protect privacy.


Anonymous internet accounts are a threat to cybersecurity.  

Major Functions of niceNobody

  Normal internet accounts can be 100% anonymous to account administrators and other netizens.  
  For an illegal or criminal Internet account, government agencies can track down the real identity of the account holder.  
  For a blacklist member, government agencies can monitor the blacklist member's anonymous accounts.  

Global Cooperation is Needed


To prevent and combat international cyber crime,

global government cybersecurity cooperation is needed.


Contribute to Governments Worldwide

  It's free.    

Provide software source code to national governments and international banking consortium.


Provide support to government upon request -

* Provide niceNobody™ training for government cybersecurity agency.

* Help government build cybersecurity agency.

* Administrate niceNobody™ center on behalf of government.



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