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Eliminate SPAM, e-mail viruses.

niceRaker intends to contribute niceMail to national governments with supports for establishing a niceMail system and provide free licenses to service providers for non-commercial applications.


Eliminate SPAM, e-mail viruses, and illegal e-mails

  • E-mail is detained at sending server.
  • Sending server automatically generates intend-to-send notice without any e-mail content and sends it to receiving server and then recipient.
  • Upon receiving intend-to-send notice, receiving server provides recipient's niceSig™ to sending server.
  • When recipient requests e-mail content from sending server, sending server uses recipient's niceSig™ to authenticate the identity of recipient.

Some Advantages of niceMail


  • Reveal the true source of e-mail.

  • Any undesired e-mail can't be dumped to the receiving server.

  • Any undesired e-mail even cannot get onto the Internet; improve Internet traffic.
  • Only the targeted recipient can read the e-mail content after authentication.

  • Only one single copy of e-mail is kept at sending server regardless of how many recipients including those to be forwarded; e-mail is under control easily.
  • One single copy of e-mail may be screened at the sending server rather than at many receiving servers after spreading.

  • If any recipient reports any e-mail as SPAM or carrying viruses, e-mail may be put under surveillance right away and removed after verification.
  • Sender may remove e-mail, which is detaining at sending server waiting for the targeted recipients to access, or change targeted recipients as long as the recipient hasn't accessed the e-mail yet.

  • Sender may check if recipient has accessed the e-mail at sending server without asking for a receipt that may or may not be returned by recipient after reading in the existing e-mail system.
  • Options are available for corporations that want to manage their employees' e-mails rather than allowing employees to receive e-mails directly from sending servers without going through corporations' internal systems.


  • Combining with niceNobody™, SPAM and e-mail viruses and other illegal e-mails could be extinct.

How Does niceMail Wipe Out SPAM & E-mail Viruses?

The Missing

The existing e-mail system in the industry today made a fundamental mistake. It resembles the traditional way of delivering written letters.

The traditional way is - When I write you a letter, I deposit the letter into a postbox. The post office will determine where the letter is supposed to go. And eventually, the letter will be delivered to your mailbox. When you check your mailbox and find the letter, you may open it and read it.

The existing e-mail system does the same thing. When I send you an e-mail, I compose the e-mail and upload the e-mail to my e-mail server. Based on your e-mail address, the e-mail will be delivered from my e-mail server to your e-mail server. And eventually it will be sitting in your incoming e-mailbox. When you log in your e-mail account, you find the e-mail in a list. If you are interested, you may click on the e-mail to read it.

This approach misses an important e-mail characteristic! Why?

The Key Factor

Let's think... What is the most distinctive and valuable characteristic of e-mail vs. the traditional written letter?

"Quick!" Right? E-mail is very quick!

But strictly speaking, "quick" is not a very accurate saying. If the delivery time can reduce from a few days to a few hours, we may also say that it is "quick."

A more precise saying should be "instantaneity." People can instantly make connection to e-mail servers for reading e-mails worldwide.

The traditional written letter lacks the characteristic of "instantaneity." Some tangible paper must be delivered to the recipient in advance so that the recipient can open the letter for immediate reading without further delay.

"Instantaneity", the most distinctive and valuable characteristic of e-mail, has being left out in the e-mail system for decades. E-mails are still delivered to the recipients' e-mailboxes waiting for reading.

The New


The new method of delivering e-mail is called niceMail .

In niceMail system, the sender does the same things as in the existing e-mail system - composes the e-mail, sends it out to the sending e-mail server.

But the sending e-mail server will detain the e-mail then automatically generate and send an intend-to-deliver notice (consists of basic info such as the sender's e-mail address, optional sender's name, date, and subject without any e-mail content) to the targeted recipient.

The intend-to-deliver notice will be shown on the recipient's incoming list. If the recipient likes to read the e-mail, he may click on the intend-to-deliver notice and read the e-mail at the sending e-mail server instead of the receiving e-mail server. The recipient may download the e-mail from the sending e-mail server as well.

In terms of sending and receiving e-mails, the process of niceMail is transparent to the users. Senders send out e-mails in the same way; recipients read and download e-mails without concern about where the e-mails are. niceMail performs identification and authentication of the users automatically.

From the users' viewpoints of sending and receiving, there is no difference between niceMail and the existing e-mail system.



The difference is - In niceMail system, the senders can only send out intend-to-deliver notices first and have to wait for the targeted recipients to collect the e-mails. Therefore, the true sources of e-mails must be revealed and reachable by the targeted recipients while waiting.

The existing e-mail system allows malicious senders to dump e-mails to the targeted recipients then shun away. And it is difficult to track down the real senders from the e-mail info that can be forged easily. That's how SPAM and e-mail viruses can spread around rampantly.

Taking terrorists as an example, the existing e-mail system allows terrorists to deliver bombing packages to the victims' houses and hide somewhere watching the victims to be injured.

But niceMail system requires terrorists to send out only intend-to-deliver notices and must be waiting for the targeted victims to collect the bombing packages from the terrorists' houses.

Is there such a moronic terrorist? Any alert recipient, without being injured at all, could report to the authorities for any suspectable intend-to-deliver notice. Even if being injured, the victim knows where the bombing package was collected from.



That is the basic concept of niceMail. It sounds quite simple.

A simple solution could be the one that actually resolves problems. Complicated means probably do not really fix problems. Agree or not?

niceMail fixes a scotoma of delivering e-mail that has existed for decades.

Is there any other way of revealing the source of a thing more straightforward than collecting the thing from the source? Instantaneity of e-mail makes this simple approach feasible.



The mission of niceMail is:

"To rebuild people's faith in using e-mail and bring the functionality of e-mail back to normal."

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

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