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No more problems of account password stealing.

Not only verify account holder, but also verify server.

niceRaker intends to contribute niceLogonTM to national governments and provide free licenses to service providers for non-commercial applications.


Account Passwords Were Stolen Quite Often

niceLogonTM Uses niceTokenTM

  • Client generates temporary VerificationToken™ to verify server.
  • Server generates temporary LogonToken™ for client to log on.
  • Client logs on server automatically using IP address provided by the verified server.


niceLogonTM Advantages

  • No more using account password that is troublesome to safely choose and remember and has been stolen quite often.

  • LogonToken™ becomes obsolete once has been used or not used after a short period.
  • Account holder will automatically verify server to avoid misconnecting to a faked server.

  • Account holder selects a domain name of server for initial connection; actually logs on server with a valid IP address provided by the verified server to avoid DNS hackings.
  • Web site may use fixed IP address, which might be easier for hackers to attack, or floating IP address.

  • All web browsers do not need any changes; web page of logon only needs one minor change.
  • Safe & easy to log on ~

Account holder selects a targeted server.

Enters Account ID.

Clicks on “niceLogon” button.

Server will be verified automatically.

Graphic LogonToken™ will be shown.

A logon web page will be opened automatically.

Account holder enters Account ID & LogonToken™.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
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