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cloud of clouds


niceCloudTM may link worldwide cloud services together.

Anyone may visit any cloud server with her/his own niceSig™ even if without setting up any account with that cloud server.

Any cloud server may authenticate the identity of any visitor and provide services based on its own policies.


niceRaker intends to provides free licenses to service providers for non-commercial applications of niceCloudTM.


Application Scope

  • Extend From Close Environment to Open Environment

  • Efficiently simplify process of cloud service’s control on software user licenses.

Advantages of Open Environment

  • Service provider may authenticate visitor's identity even if visitor has no account with the service provider.
  • Share resources among service providers to provide broader services.


niceCloudTM System


A Cloud of Clouds!


Privacy and Ownership


The Concern Comes True!


FBI investigates 'Cloud' celebrity picture leaks


niceCloud Solution


Even the administrator of servers, which keeps private photos, is unable to see what the photos are, no need to mention hackers.

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