niceChat lets all social apps to communicate across platforms, which include Skype, whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, etc.

It is an application example of ESCOE that extend application scope from close to open environment.
  * Closed Communication Environment  
  * Open Communication Environment  
  * How can niceChat allow all social apps to communicate across platforms?  

Closed Communication Environment


Today, every social app can only communicate with the same kind in a closed environment.

There is no way to communicate across platforms.


Open Communication Environment


niceChat™ allows different social apps to communicate across platforms.

Each social app can keep its own user interface, maintain the existing style or create new styles.

niceRaker® will provide developers with software modules to take advantages of niceChat™ authentication mechanism.


With the capability of cross-platform communication, the social app market will no longer be dominated by large companies.

A large number of small companies may appear.

Sticking to existing closed application environment may lose users.

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